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This blog post was inspired by another post I read from Lynda Lambert’s blog called Walking by Inner Vision. The original post that inspired me to write this post can be found at the following web site:


The world challenge can be found at this web site:


I actually used one question from the March 12th post and one from the March 19th post. The second question I paraphrased just a bit, so that I could answer it more effectively. Without further ado, here are my answers to the questions I chose.


Question: What sound or sounds do you love?


Answer: There are several sounds that I enjoy, some of which I find to be inspiring. Many of these sounds become fodder to get my creative juices flowing.


Let’s start with bells and chimes. I love the sounds of bells and wind chimes, because the vibrations of these sounds resonate through me, and often times relax me, or open me up to internal conversations with my characters. Singing bowls are categorized along with other bells and chimes, due to the fact that they ring out like a bell, when you strike them. If you want to read about the discoveries I have made about how the vibrations of a singing bowl affect me, and how I use it for worship, you can find two posts on my blog, by visiting the following links:


Sometimes I will look up the sounds of hand bells on YouTube, so that I can close my eyes and listen to the special vibrations of these beautiful instruments, because they can be an inspiration to me as a writer. I suggest that if you are a writer, or you simply need some stress relief, that you tune into these soothing sounds.


The second sound that I love is the sound of children laughing. I have a daughter, three nieces, and one nephew on my side of the family. There’s just something about the laughter of a small child that warms my heart. The laughter of a baby, as he or she is learning how to play, makes me want to laugh right along with him or her.  Sometimes this beautiful sound can bring tears of joy to my eyes. Are there certain sounds made by the children in your life, that fill your heart with joy? Do you feel this special joy down in the deepest part of the soul? Take the time to enjoy these precious moments with your “babies”, because these moments will disappear in the twinkling of an eye.


The final types of sounds that I love, falls under the category of music. Music for me, has several meanings. For example, I love different genres of music as we know it. However, I do not use music for mere entertainment alone, I delve deep into the music to find the heart of the melody and the harmony within. The questions I ask myself are as follows What is the message hidden within the song or instrumental work? What stories do the lyrics, and the instrumentation have to tell? How do these stories influence my life and inspire my writing?


The second type of music I delve into is the music of my surroundings and my environment. By this type of music, I mean the sounds of birds, wind chimes, traffic, if I am in the city, the wind, and other sounds around me, no matter whether I am in the city or at my parents’ country home. Each place has a sound scheme or natural “song” all its own. These sound schemes have a musical element that often times inspires me. I can sometimes hear the voices of my characters, or nuggets of dialogue that add to a story or piece of fiction I am working on, though someone might say something that may strike my interest and cause me to research for a blog post, or any piece of writing that I am working on at the time, or that I may work on in the future. What do you consider to fall into the category of music? How does this “music’ inspire your writing, or how does it influence your life?


Question; What are your favorite memories from your childhood?


Answer: I have several memories that I am fond of, most of which get triggered by old TB shows, old songs, or podcasts that inspire me to think back on them and bask in those special moments. For example, before my brothers were born, I remember sitting on my potty chair as a little girl. The fan was blowing cool air on me to cool me off in the heat of the summer, and I would sit for hours singing silly little songs, content as I could be. I remember playing with either a bowl and a spoon, bouncing a ball, or playing on the floor with playdough while listening to a magazine or a book on records or cassettes. Back in those days, talking books for the blind were recorded on cassettes and disks, which were recorded on a slower speed than normal for these forms of media. When listening to a book or magazine, or an album on record, I had to be very careful not to bounce too hard on the floor, because any sudden bump would cause the record to skip or become scratched.


Speaking of records, I also had a bunch of story books that were accompanied by records. I’d listen to the stories, and turn the pages when Tinkerbell rang her little bells. I had hours of fun listening to the stories and the songs on those records. I think I nearly wore those records out, until I started school.


The most special memories I had with my cousins were those times when we’d either play together, or they would read stories to me. I loved to be read to as a kid, and I still do from time to time, so when my daughter wants to read to me, I never take those moments for granted.


I also remember playing outside, while my mother would do work around the house. The washing machine would roar away, and I’d either play on the swing set, or I’d sit in my little toy wagon, longing for someone to pull me across the yard. When no one would pull me, I rocked the wagon, trying to get it to move by the sheer force of my body strength. There are so many childhood memories that I love, that there are too many to mention here. Before I call it a day, I have one more question I want to ask you, my dear readers. What are your favorite childhood memories, and what triggers these memories? You can either share your answers in the comments, or you can use any or all of these questions as inspiration for your own blogs.


Until next time, happy reading, writing, and take on your own world challenges. God bless you all, have a wonderful day.

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  1. I love the sound of rolling thunder. Trying to follow the robin’s wandering melody also thrills me. I used to play with the springy door stop and listen to the springs in my mom’s oven as I opened and closed the door. I loved the sound of wind in the TV antenna. It had such a mesmerizing quality. Then there’s electronic music which I fell in love with the first time I heard it. I love those old Moog synthesizers with their rich sonic textures. Stephen Scott made a unique sound with his bowed piano pieces. Check his music out on YouTube. What an etherial sound he and his friends made. I love my screen reader and its robotic sound. NVDA has different accents which a person can use. I love the West Indies voice. It makes me laugh to hear a rasta robot. Breaking a sheet of ice sounds like glass breaking. That’s another fascinating sound to me. And I had endless fun slowing down sounds or speeding them up with multi-speed open reel decks.


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