What is your Story?

Hey there everyone,

I finished listening to a podcast a few minutes ago, that brought this topic to mind. As the title says, what is your story.

As an author, I write may different stories, filled with various characters, some realistic, and others, of a ferry tail nature. However, as a business owner and a writer, I have to not only tell an entertaining story, but I have to have a message for my readers, that adds value to their lives. This holds true, even when I write a nonfiction book, or write blog posts and landing pages for my professional clients. However, instead of telling my story when I write on a professional basis, I have to tell the story of my client’s brand. For example, I have to inform, yet make skydiving sound fun and entertaining for RushCube’s readers, and the visitors to their clients’ websites.

No matter whether you’re a writer, or a business owner, your interactions with the people you work with, or who live in your community, as long as you have a special to add value to your customers’ lives while conducting your business, can help to create a story for your brand. Not only do you share your story with others, but people in your community can tell the story of your business, and share their experiences, to possibly recommend your business to their friends and family members.

We all have a story to tell, and each story is different, though they all may have slight similarities. With that being said, I want to leave you with a few questions to think about: What is your story, and are you the only person who tells your story, or do people in your community have something positive to contribute to your story? Does hearing the stories of people you come in contact with, on a daily basis, add merit to your own story? You don’t have to share your personal stories here, but I do have one question that I’d like to hear your thoughts on. How have the people in your life influenced your personal and professional story?

I find that I personally love telling my story of how I developed as an author, to others. Sometimes those who I talk to, either on a podcast, in a Facebook group, on Twitter, or face to face with friends and new acquaintances, ca either become inspired by my story, or further inspire me to build upon my story. This is why our stories are so important. They can add value to the lives of other,s no matter whether you’re conducting a simple task, or writing an elaborate tale. Take some time to think about your story, and allow your interactions with the people in your life to inspire you. Allow people to help you build upon your own story, while helping others share and build upon their stories.

Happy reading, writing, and be sure to share your special story whenever possible. Until next time, good night and God bless.

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