The Seaside Trilogy by Sandra W. Burch: book review

Do you remember my “Meet the author” post featuring Sandra W. Burch? Well, today I am here to review her Seaside Trilogy Seaside Haven, Away from the Sun, and Remember me.

Seaside haven started out a bit slow, as all novels and novelettes do, but once it picked up the pace, I was pulled along like a magnet to the end. In this first book, Phenix is recovering from injuries caused by a car accident. Sierra The general manager of the resort, which Phenix owns, is the one person who can teach him not to give up on life, no matter what his prognosis is. I won’t say how, but they do fall in love.

Now, I will say thatAway from the Sun was captivating. If you thought that Phenix and Sierra’s marriage would slow things down a bit, as far as the story is concerned? You are dead wrong! Let’s just say that things get real dicy in this book. First of all, Phenix goes to his former lover’s funeral. When he flies to Monica’s home town, he meets up with her best friend Sue, who is holding a baby that she claims is his.

After the funeral, she flies back to Seaside Haven, with Preston, and stays with him for nearly a month to supposedly get settled in. The way Phenix and Sue seem to be attracted to each other, you’d think that Phenix and Sierra’s marriage will crumble, but that’s not the case. I won’t tell you how this book ends, but be prepared to be riveted until the end.

Remember me is a bit different, in the since that it takes place in New England This book is about a guy named nick who has had a serious spouts accident. Elizabeth stays by his side while he’s in the hospital, but when he gets home, he can’t remember the past. Although they end up getting a divorce, they rekindle the love they once had for each other and create new memories together, and some with their daughter Julia.

I give these three books three stars, and you can purchase them as one book, or as three separate novellas. All I can say is be prepared to enjoy three short Christian romances, and hang onto your hats, because this series is a wild ride in itself.

Sandra Burch, You have outdone yourself with these books.

Until next time, Blessings and happy reading.

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