Your daily writing routine, or lack thereof

Hey everyone,

While sitting at the hospital with my husband, who just had surgery a few days ago, I started listening to a few podcasts on my iPad, and there is one in particular called The Writers Routine, which inspired this little post. Before I go into my thought for the day, Let me tell you a little about this podcast.

The Writers Routine, is a podcast where Dan Simpson talks to the UK’s finest and most well known authors about their writing routines. In this podcast, the three episodes I’ve listened to so far, I have learned that a writer’s routine may be very structured, or not structured at all. One author in particular, has no “routine” as it were. Writing is his life, and he even considers something as mundane as walking the dog, as part of his work. With that being said, let me explain my writing “routine”, or “life” as it were.

My writing routine, isn’t really a routine at all. sometimes I am up writing in the middle of the night, like I am now, and there are days where I won’t get much writing done at all, unless I am working for a professional client. Inspiration often comes from singing a made up song, while washing dishes, folding clothes, or from something I watched on TV, that I haven’t watched in years. When I take my husband’s dog out for a bathroom break, sometimes I mull over ideas in my head to work on once I get done with what cleaning up needs doing around the apartment. There are even times when a thought gets stuck in my head, and I can’t stop thinking about it until I either solve the problem, find the answer to an interesting question, or write it down. I can sometimes see imaginative scenes playing out in my head, and in those scenes, I am writing something down. When I think about writing, that’s when writing just happens for me.

Now that I’ve shared with you my lack of a writing routine, what is your routine? Do you even have a routine, and how do you utilize it to the fullest extent as a writer?

Happy writing, and have a blessed night.

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