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Hey y’all, I know it’s late at night/early Tuesday morning, but I was listening to some writing podcasts, and they got me to thinking.

Personally, out of all the podcasts that I’ve listened to tonight, my favorite writing podcast is called Writing Excuses, which lasts about fifteen minutes (give or take), because we’re in a hurry and the hosts/writers aren’t that smart.

The last episode of 2012, the last one I just finished, was about true confessions of writing failures. I have started stories before, and I tossed them out because I didn’t like where the story was going, or, my plot line just fizzled out at the end of chapter two. However, I have had projects thatI started, and got stuck on, because they were the only project(s) I was working on at the time. However, when I work on something totally different, I was inspired to go back to the first work and keep the story going.

I have two questions for you tonight, dear reader. The first is this: What are your favorite podcasts to listen to, and how do they inspire or influence you, if at all?

My second question is: what are your true confessions about your writing failures, and how did you resolve the issues? Did you scrap the entire piece and start over, or did you write something else, until you were able to turn the piece around and make it work. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and share this post with others, so they can join the conversation. If you want to listen to Writing Excused, you can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast apps on your smart phone, computer, or tablet. The one thing I like about it, is that the hosts give you homework assignments that you can choose to try or not, as the muse dictates.

Before I go I have a brief homework assignment for you to try. Take a look at one of your writing pieces that have become a total failure, that you have not scrapped, because deleting it would simply break your heart. Remember, this piece can be something as simple as a dump scene, or a complete story. Take the piece and rewrite it in a different way, such as changing the story, taking the scene and placing it in a different story with different characters, or scrapping it and just starting from scratch. Let me know what happens to this failed piece of writing, because this could become an interesting conversation.

Until next time, Happy reading and God bless.

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