Book Review: Shadow Woman by Linda Howard

This book review was inspired by Wandering Soul Writer’s book review of Shadow in the Mirror. As I was looking for that particular book, I came acress this fabous mystery/romance.

Lizzy wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror as she’s drying her hair, after taking a hot shower, and sees a different face. As she tries to piece together the missing two years of her life prior to the three years she lived in Washington D.C. and worked for an investment firm, she is brought down by severe headakes, nausea and vomiting. The pain is so bad at times that she ends up curling up on the floor.

As she starts to remember, she discovers that she is being followed. She looks back at old pictures, tax returns, and anything that gives her a clue about her past life. The more she remembers, the more danger she finds herself in. As she goes to a nearby stor, she meets Xabier, someone she knew during the two years that were wiped from her memory after her facial reconstruction. Even though she runs from him, she sees him in her dreams. Does she finally fit the piecees of the puzzle together? If so, how does she or X, as she calls him in her dreams, rid themselves of the danger they are both in?

I liked this book, because it kept me rivetted to m seat, and longing to learn more. I also like how the stories of the three groups of primary characters wer woven together at the end. I wish one of the characters hadn’t been eliminated at the end, but sometimes as an author myself, I know the feeling of “killing my darlings”, meaning eliminating the characters you love to hate. I highly recommend that you read this book. When you do, I suggest that you hold onto your seats, because it is a very wild ride!

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