Familiar, or not so familiar aspects in life that invoke interesting emitions

In the past few days, a recurring thought has made its way back into my mind. When I hear a familiar song for the first time in a long while, there’s something about that song that sometimes hits a specific nerve, and makes me either love it, or feel inspired by it. Sometimes I can read a book, and the feeling of tension, suspense, or fear that the author portrays in the book comes through to me in a special way. Sometimes it’s a new song hits me in a different way than it has hit me before or since that time I heard it.

Let me explain how this has happened recently for me. My husband got a game for the blind called A Hero’s Call. As I listened to him play the game, and listened to the walk through on youtube, I felt that interesting sense of excitment/inspiration or even that aha moment, where it sparked a bit of creativity, or sparked an interesting image or emotion in my head that I couldn’t let go of for a long time.

Here’s my question to you, my dear readers. Have you ever heard or seen something that invoked these feelings like I’ve just described? If so, what did you see, hear or read that sparked this interesting excitement that you can’t put your finger on? Hwere you inspired by these interesting emotions? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Happy 2018, and may you fulfill all the writing goals you have set for yourself in the new year.

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