Meet the author: Blaque Diamond

It is my pleasure to introduce my guest author Blaque Diamond. She has kindly asked me to share the following poem with you. Her bio and website follow the powem. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below, or contact her via her website.
Without further ado, Please make welcome, Blaque Diamond!

Forever Angel
By: Blaque Diamond

You are no longer here with me
But in my heart you will always be
My love for you will never change
Even though my memories are all that remain

The times we spent together
Will last in my thoughts forever
I miss you each and every day
But I know you are in a better place

Your memory will never die
Even as the months and years go by
It hurts sometimes when I think of you
Because I think of all the things we used to do

It brings tears to my eyes
And I have to question why
Did you have to leave so soon
When so many people were loving you

I know it’s god’s plan
But sometimes I just don’t understand
Why my heart aches so much
And I yearn for your gentle touch

You are now resting in peace
Your pain on earth has ceased
Gone but not forgotten you are
Because you will always live in my heart

Even though I wish you could’ve stayed
I would not have wanted your suffering delayed
So go now and embark on your new journey
As you enter the gates, oh so pearly

I trust that we will meet again
So we can continue where we left off when
God called home his oh so faithful
Heaven just welcomed a forever angel

Contemporary African-American fiction author and poet Blaque Diamond is a reader first, then an author. Her love of reading blossomed into her love of writing. Encouraged by her fifth-grade teacher at the age of eleven to explore and enhance her skills, Blaque diamond immersed herself in creative writing classes. She began with poetry, which then veered to other genres of writing. She has written off and on for many years, but she is now pursuing writing as a career, and not just as a hobby. Her many works includes publications in anthologies, online magazines, and her own book publications. Aside from reading and writing, Blaque Diamond enjoys shopping, listening to music, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

To find out more about Blaque Diamond and her published works, visit her website at:


There you can see all of her published works, see up-coming events, enter into contests, check out her blog, and so much more.

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