wrap yourself in the blanket of peaceful music

I float away on the wings of the wind, as a soft melody plays all around me. The gentle breeze takes me to new places, where dreams come true, and the wings of imagination can take you anywhere.
Let your mind wonder as you listen to the soft music from witin your heart. Where will the music take you? Where will the journey begin and where will it end? It’s all left up to the music, so don’t stop the flow, just let yourself go, and let the soothing soundscapes take you where they will.
Let the soft music wrap you in a blanket of peace and love, as the waters of stress and trouble drift away on the ebbing tide of relaxation as you drift into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.
If you do not wish to fall into the arms of the music and let it take you to a distant dream land, let the blanket of calm and tranquility inspire you to be creative. Don’t think about what you will write, draw, make, just let the thoughts and words flow from your heart, to your fingers, to the pen, computer screen, or into your creative projects.
God gave us the gift of peaceful music, so let’s take it and alow it to mold us in the way it desires. We will love the changes it makes in our lives. Happy reading, writing, and may you be richly blessed. May the peace of the soothing music flow over you like a river.

6 thoughts on “wrap yourself in the blanket of peaceful music”

  1. What if my creation demands violent wrath against evil? The steel wool of heavy metal is more suitable. There are times when I want to duke it out with death metal. Other times, I want to rock for the Rock. What if I need to borrow Killing Joke’s “Tension” to motivate my righteous anger? How true it is that there’s a time for peace and a time for war.

    • That depends on what kind of music you want to use, but when I wrote this, I was using peaceful soundscapes music. That’s why I wrote it the way I did. You choose what music to use it and let the music take you where it will.

  2. Ann, I enjoyed reading several of your articles today. I am glad I found your blog.
    I most ly have music playing all day long. My writing studio is just off my kitchen. In the kitchen, the Bose sound system is playing music from early morning and usually till late afternoon or evening.
    I listen to a wide range of music from not contemporary , classic rock, classical, and country. At time, it influences what I am writing and it give me little surprises as we work in tandem = the music and me. It is definitely a living presence.


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