Character conversation

Hello everyone,
Today we’re going to eavesdrop on a conversation between Hannah, the wise old matron of the Big Church, and Becca Martin’s cousin Lizzy Jordah. Won’t you come join me?

Hay Hannah, I have a question.
What’s that my dear?
I wonder why Ann wrote the ending of A Journey of Faith the way she did. Why did that strange s-shaped light just disappear after Becca left my house. It kept shining through my window like I don’t know what. I wish it would just disappear altogether.
Lizzy dear, There are things to come in futhre books, where that light is concerned. The light will snake all the way to the Martin houshold after Mr. Charles Martin has his biking accident. Mr. Billy Bad-boy Billings isn’t through causing havoc on this little neighborhood yet.
What about Becca?
Oh, She’ll have her own trouble to deal with. I don’t want to go into too much detail, because out author hasn’t discovered our next story as of yet.
Well, she’s made some notes, so something is up.
Yeah, but those are few and far between as of yet. Wait until she gets something stuck in her head that ignites a flame of creativity, or the Holy Spirit lays the story upon her heart.

This is Ann once more, and I am going to jump into this little chat and ask Hannah a few questions. Read on to find out what little tidbits I can glean from my characters.

Hey ladies, I overheard you talking about what’s going to happen in my next story. How can you tell what’s going to happen, when I don’t even know?
We’re the characters dear, we tell you the story to relay to your readers, it’s that simple.
Well Miss Hannah, can you give me a hint?
No dear, I don’t want to spoil it for you or your fans. You need to wait until God gives you the story. It will come in due time.
Just do me one favor if you can,.
What’s that Lizzy?”
Take that creepy light out of my window. It’s scaring Haley, and I can’t stand to being in the kitchen alone, for fear it’ll snake its way inside my house.
Don’t worry, I’ll do what I can to get rid of the light for you, or you can simply ignore it. It won’t snake in if you give this problem to God and let Him handle it it.
I’ll do that then.
Well ladies, It’s been fun, but I’ve got to get to bed. My daughter’s here, and she wants to get up early. If I don’t get some sleep, I won’t be worth a toot tomorrow.
Good night and God bless you all.

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