My experience with strange noises and vibrations

Have you ever heard weird noises inside or outside your home, on a quiet night in the dead of winter? What about at school or work? As you think about the answers to these questions, you may be surprised to discover, that unusual noises are heard, and rumbling vibrations can be felt at odd times of the day or night. According to a blog post entitled Strange Sounds in the Sky – Rumblings & Vibrations (Day & Night) Part II, found at (,many strange noises and rumblings have been experienced all over the world. Not only does this blogger talk about his own experiences, but he has imbedded several videos to show his readers what people have actually heard. Some tell you when these noises started, while others have people talking about the rumblings.

In my own lifetime, I have heard some strange noises that I didn’t think much of, until I read this particular post, and a couple of other articles online as part of my overall research for a story I am writing called Vibrations in the Storm. (Note to readers, be on the look out for that one). Let me explain a little more about what sounds I’m referring too.

One time, on a stormy day when I was in, oh, about the forth grade or so, the students and housparents in the cottage where I stayed as a residential student at the Georgia Academy for the Blind, heard this loud 60 HZ rumbling in the lobby of the dining room. Nobody could figure out what it was. We chocked it up to the heating and air conditioning unit in the building, but I still don’t know whether that’s actually true or not.

Later on, during my middle school years, I was in a social studies class with Mrs. Pye, the 4th grade home room teacher, when the fire alarm went off. Of course, it was a false alarm, but the odd noise I heard then, was a bell clanging from somewhere around the gymnasium. It sounded like someone shaking a large hand bell as fast as possible. I don’t remember what kind of bell my teacher said it was, but that was the first and only time I ever heard that bell.

One day while I was working for the Gallup Organization in Atlanta, we all heard this strange humming noise, like a high pitched whistle from somewhere in the building. Nobody could figure out what it was, and it stopped after a while.

When my daughter was about 6 months old or thereabouts, I was taking my guide dog out to do her business when I heard the strangest noise I have encountered ever. It sounded like a high pitched steam engine whistle that continued for several minutes at a time, unlike the short blasts I’ve heard on old TV shows and videos about steam engines. I never did figure out where that sound came from though.

One night, I was listening to YouTube videos with my headphones. When I went to bed, I thought I heard a siren outside. This wasn’t an ambulance siren, mind you, but it sounded like our tornado/fire siren. I listened to the police scanner to find out whether there was anything going on, but nothing out of the ordinary, so I went on to bed and didn’t think any more about it.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I heard a high pitch humming sound, while I was sitting on the front porch, enjoying the sunshine, that sound like the pitch was slightly higher than the first singing bowl I bought. (BTW, I ordered another one that’s smaller, but a bit lower in pitch than the first). However, these sounds didn’t seem very mysterious to me, until I discovered my fascination with the vibrations of sound. I’ve often heard a sonic boom that scares the dickens out of me, but nothing like some of the strange sounds in those videos I mentioned earlier.

If you have ever had any unusual experiences where you’ve heard a humming noise, or a rumbling, but you can’t pinpoint the source, Please share your experiences here, and also share them with the owner of the blog that I make reference to in the beginning of this post, this topic could get very interesting, and may spark more creativity for my story. (Please note, although the source of the mysterious vibrations haven’t been discovered as of yet, I plan to solve the mystery in my story. I don’t know as of yet what caused the odd shifts in the atmospheric frequencies, but the solution may be found in the least expected place, you never know, so stay tuned. You never know, I might ask my main character to pop in and write a blog post of her own).

Happy reading, writing, and God bless you my dear readers.

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