News,and updates on my writing projects

Hello everyone,, I am writing to update you on my writing projects. First of all, I do have a bit of news for you. Next week, I am planning to publish A Journey of Faith through Revival Waves Glory Publishing, so the anticipation is growing! I can hardly wait to see this book in print … Read more

Blast from the past! The CB radio lives on

While growing up during the Smoky and the Bandit culture, do you ever remember hearing phrases like “What’s your 20”, “10-4”, or “breaker breaker 1-9”? If you or any members of your family were part of the CB radio craze, these phrases may be all to familiar to you. Although the CB radio has lost … Read more

a cherished piece of history has died

Hello everyone, Remember the days when you could record your favorite TV shows and movies on a VHS cassette, or go to the nearest Block Buster and rent your favorite movies and kids cartoons? Well, I have some sad news. Our cherished VCR of the 80s and 90s has finally died. Read my original article … Read more