My cherished singing bowl

Although I love my precious family and beloved friends, the one object that I cherish more than the rest of my belongings, is my Tibetan Singing Bowl.
God gave us the gift of sound. The vibrations of sound have a special healing quality that you can only find if you close your eyes and let the sound resonate through your body. One way sound can heal your body mind, heart, and soul, is through the strong vibrations of the singing bowl.
I read about singing bowls in a blog post a year or so ago, but I didn’t think much about it until I heard a speaker mention it during a public phone conference, called 60Minute2Impact, presented by Project Starfish America ( The next day, I went in search of a recording of this singing bowl, and I was amazed at the soothing quality of the strong vibrations coming from the recording of the bowls. I felt the vibrations in my body long after the recording was over. This prompted me to purchase a small singing bowl for my own enjoyment.
You may be asking why I cherish this singing bowl. Personally, once I learned how to play the bowl, I found that when I’m stressed, the vibration of the bowl starts in the palm of my hand and works its way up my body, into my soul. This vibration is very soothing, even though the bowl’s pitch is a high A. When I close my eyes and listen to the rhythm of the vibrations, the bowl seems to communicate with me in a way that I can’t explain. I must admit, my daughter and my oldest niece enjoy playing my bowl as much as I do.
The striker is the medium between the bowl and my hand, and that’s where I get a lot of my divine wisdom. God is using the vibration of the bowl to speak to me. You have to be a spiritual person to understand the meaning behind my words, but if you search for Tibetan singing bowl meditation on YouTube, you’ll be amazed at the soothing sounds you hear and feel as the bowls are played, right before your very eyes.
Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of the cherished blog fest. If you want to share your thoughts on my post, please do so in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “My cherished singing bowl”

  1. I am so glad you shared this with us Ann. I have never heard of a singing bowl, but it sounds like a wonderful and wonderfully personal “instrument” (if I can call it that). I will take your advice and look up the topic to learn a little more about it.

    Thanks you for joining the blogfest.

    Dan Antion – #CBF16 Cohost

  2. How marvelous. I have wanted a singing bowl for a long while now but just couldn’t fit it into the budget. I did have an app for awhile that was nice, but as you said, feeling the vibration through your fingers first is so healing. Thanks so much for sharing this pur cherished object with the CBF.

  3. I hope the resonances of this post find many hearers. I use an phone/tablet app of a singing bowl for meditation. But, as you know so well, there is just nothing like a real bowl, reverberating nearby.


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