Midnight brainstorming

The cat in the hat knows a lot about that.
What does the cat in the hat know a lot about? Well, according to the PBS Kids Television program, apparently, the cat in the hat knows a lot about teaching kids how to use their imaginations to go to far away places, with the help of the thingamajigger, thing 1 and thing 2, and a whole lot of educational fun for kids of all ages to enjoy. I also think that the cat in the hat knows a lot about a little bit of everything, or maybe not.
I know this post is a bit weird, but that’s what happens when your brain gets stuck on an idea and you can’t sleep until you run with it and write it down.
Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but my hands have been quite full at the moment, with a few other projects. However, sometime next week, I’ll have a website up and running, and I’ll be doing some serious blogging about a project I’m embarking on, to get my writing career off to a good start. For now, happy reading, writing, and blogging. God bless, and good night.

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