An announcement and calls to action

Hello my dear readers,
There are three things I want to accomplish in my short little post tonight. First of all, I have an announcement to make. I have published a little eBook entitled Stories Outside the box. It’s available to purchase for 99 cents at
Stories Outside the Box is a little book filled with magic, ferries, an angel or two, and even a bit of mystery. Fly away on the wings of a simple drop of rain, or in a sleigh carried on the wings of a snowflake. You may be enchanted by a tinkling bell. There’s something for everyone in each delightful little story.
The second thing I would like to do is ask a favor of my readers. If you like my book, or you simply want to support a fellow Indie Author, you may do so by joining my marketing action team, by visiting
One final note, I have written an author interview on the Smashwords web site. Check it out at
Here’s my call to action: After reading my author interview and/or my book, please let me know what questions you’d like me to answer. I’ll be sure to answer them in the interview itself, and come back and give you the link again, so you can read the updated version. Thanks for reading, and God bless you all, my dear readers, viewers, and most of all, my fans.

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