The voice of a singing bowl

Here is a poem about my Tibetan singing bowl for your reading pleasure. Read, enjoy, and share. I play the bowl before I sleep;
it sings to me of promises I must keep.
It whispers its words of wisdom to me,
as it rings out a sweet melody.
One tiny note it does sound,
a melody in my heart I’ve found,
easy to hum with no need for words,
as I play, the voice within my soul is heard.
It’s there when I need it, day or night;
and I play my bowl to my heart’s delight.
This blessing from God fills me with peace,
as my stress turns to sweet release.
Not only at night do I play,
but the bowl is a wonderful meditation to help me start my day
So when you feel your life spinning out of control,
Why not try playing a singing bowl?

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