An announcement and calls to action

Hello my dear readers, There are three things I want to accomplish in my short little post tonight. First of all, I have an announcement to make. I have published a little eBook entitled Stories Outside the box. It’s available to purchase for 99 cents at Stories Outside the Box is a little book … Read more

The song fills my head as I play, The bowl sings to me of things to come.What does the song inside you say?Is this song to be shared with anyone,or just to keep to yourself and your close circle of friends.The questions never end.But the answers come slowly,like a story unfolding.As the words take shape in my mind, it’s like an image I’m holding; on the screen of my memory,where dreams are often clear to me.What is this song my heart must sing?Does the melody ring within my soul,or do I give voiceto the song that is expressed,without a choice, rhyme or reason,it’s not a song that connects with any season,just with the way I feel.I know this song is real,although some may not believeit’s there.Just close your eyes and you too shall receivethe healing vibrations of my song,as it goes on and on.Inside my head, and flows out through my vocal cords to your ears.I sing it so that you may hear,the voice of an angel that speaks to me of piece,and fills my soul with sweet release,it fills my soul with sweet release

The song fills my head as I play, The bowl sings to me of things to come. What does the song inside you say? Is this song to be shared with anyone, or just to keep to yourself and your close circle of friends. The questions never end. But the answers come slowly, like a story … Read more

Since the 60Minute2Impact call I discussed in my last blog post, I have found some recordings and YouTube videos of singing bowls. I’ve even done a couple of musical experiments on the stainless steel mixing bowls in my kitchen, but nothing is quite like having and owning my own Tibetan singing bowl. Today, I’d like to share my journey with my little four inch Tibetan singing bowl. Unfortunately, I can’t upload a recording onto my blog, but I will share with you a YouTube video that I found to be of great help to me, then I’d like to encourage you to get your own bowl and experience the spiritual connection with it’s symphony of vibration.First, let me explain what the experts say about how to choose your own bowl, then I’ll tell you my journey to date. The video found at explains the best method for choosing a singing bowl. According to the guy doing the video, he says that you should always go for the sound and whether or not it sooths your body. Whether or not you can only focus on the sound and nothing else, should determine whether or not you like the bowl. Sometimes, you may even want someone else to play a bowl for you, so you can close your eyes and get the full effect. Although this is true, in the area where I live, we don’t have a novelty shop, where the Tibetan bowls are sold, so it was difficult for me to go and choose the bowl at a store. I ordered my small bowl from Amazon, and I was expecting it to sound like one of the ones in a video I downloaded called, Tibetan singing bowl meditation. I was certainly surprised by the fact that my bowl has a high A note, but I didn’t let that deter me from being able to use it for meditation, and possibly healing. As I played, I felt a strong communication with the bowl that I can’t explain, and some of you may not fully understand, unless you’re a spiritual person like I am. I played my bowl and began to pray and hum along with it. I’m not sure whether I was playing it exactly as the professionals say I should play it, but I let the bowl guide me. A friend suggested that I fill the bowl about half way with water, as this would give it the strongest vibration, even though it is small. I tested her theory, and low and behold, it works! When I fill the bowl part way with water, the vibration is strongest and I can feel it’s pulse.Although the man who shows you how to choose a singing bowl says that the higher pitched bowls are for cleansing purposes, it all depends on how you play and what energy you get from it. Although my bowl is small, I know that as I play it, it communicates to me in a very spiritual way, and the wooden striker is the medium between my hand and the bowl. If you place the bowl on a table, you may get a much different result than simply holding it in your hand. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you how to play your 
Tibetan bowl, you and the bowl have to make the connection on your own, if you want to find a relaxing way to start and end your day. The best advice I can give you is to let your bowl be your guide, because the spirit that flows from the bowl is the spirit that is within you, and your striker is the means of communication between you and the singing bowl. Enjoy your bowl, and be observant of how it effects those around you as well. Do your friends and loved ones find healing from the bowl, or do people find the bowls a bit irritating? If this is the case, it’s possibly because they don’t understand what the bowl is used for. This past Sunday, I was playing my bowl, and my oldest niece came into my room. I began playing it for her. When I asked her if she liked the sound of the bowl. She answered in the affirmative, in a relaxed tone of voice. I often wonder if my 6-year-old daughter will be as receptive to the bowl as my 8-year-old niece was that day. Have any of you had an experience with the Tibetan bowls? If so, please share your experiences in the comments.