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Hello there dear readers,
I am writing an article for the word matters blog at and I am here to request your help in my research. Since most of you either read or write in some capacity or other, here’s my question: What is the difference between detective/mystery fiction, versus suspense novels/thrillers? I know that they both have some of the same qualities. For example, they are both mysteries of one kind or another, and second of all, they both leave you asking questions until the very end. The more fascinating question is, what makes the categories different from one another? Please add your thoughts to this discussion in the comments below, because I want to see what writers and readers think about this subject. Happy reading and writing, and have a blessed day.

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  1. All stories involve mystery, though in non detective /horror genre it’s better labeled as unknown: what’s going to happen next, will he get the girl, why is she with him, etc.
    In terms of horror vs detective, the divide is the justice. In a detective series, the protagonist is concerned with the victim(s) and seeking justice. In horror series, the focus is on the events. In this way, detective series (usually) stem from one event and develop a story of what happened in the past. Horror gathers pieces of evidence to stop an event from happening in the future.
    Naturally there is overlap, but in those cases a show fits in both genres.
    Those are my thoughts anyway.


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