Fun and Interesting Dream Reflections

This post is in response to a post I read at which talks about how many people’s brains go on autopilot during their day to day work routines. However, night time is the time when dreams break the barriers in the brain, which allows new possibilities to arise, thus allowing creative ideas to flow freely. Although I am not one of these people who gets stuck in a mindless daily routine, I often have dreams that are inspired by my daily activities. Let me give you an example of the types of dreams I’m referring to. On Saturday night, I had a dream, wherein I was riding a bicycle. The bicycle’s seat was not that of a regular bike, but it was like a chair, with peddles on either side of a vertical bar. I compared the peddles of this bicycle to that of a toy rabbit on a bike . After I was satisfied with my comparison, I continued to peddle, while listening to a book on cassette. This dream was inspired by the few minutes I spend peddling on an exercise machine that is like riding a bike while standing. My daughter even encouraged me to peddle the thing backwards, which I believe inspired the dream even more. The interesting fact about this dream is that when I woke up, the image of me peddling a bike stuck with me until we left to take my daughter back to see her father.
This isn’t the first time I’ve had such dreams, inspired by my day to day activities.There have been times when I have peddled a stationary bike, either at a fitness center in an apartment where I’ve lived, or on one that I owned myself. In these dreams, I could either make the bike stationary, or peddle anywhere I wanted to go, while others involved bicycle races. One time I had a dream that I was riding on a tandem bike with a very dear friend. When the dream started out, I was peddling along with my friend; however, after a while, I lifted up my feet and we peddled at what felt like lightning speed, with the wind in our hair and had a blast! When I awoke, I went out to exercise on the front porch.
On other such occasions, I’d walk on a treadmill, or up and down the porch steps to get some exercise. I bet you can guess what kind of dreams these exercises inspired. If you’ve had such inspired dreams, please leave comments about your dreams, or about the dreams I’ve described above to keep the discussion going.If you’re interested to read more facinating dream facts and musings I’d like to encourage you to visit . Until next time, happy reading, writing, and dreaming and God bless you, my dear readers. Keep those creative juices flowing, and please leave your feedback in the comments.

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