My take on what the Feds want Apple to do

If you’ve read the customer letter that Tim Cook posted on, you will know that the federal government wants Apple to either make a piece of software that allows them to gain access to a locked IPhone “only once”. However, if Apple breaches security on one IPhone, then the federal government can unlock any IOS device and have access to our private information. The good news is that Apple is legally fighting the government against this order.
I heard an interview on CBS This Morning, about this very government order. The anchors wanted to argue that breaching security for one IPhone would protect US citizens from terrorist attacks. I didn’t catch the name of the expert they were interviewing, but he had a valid point. He stated that if Apple makes a defective IPhone to allow the government to breach the security of this “one IPhone” who’s to say that they won’t breach the security of other iPhones time and again. What the government wants Apple to do is to compromise our constitutional right to privacy. If they do that, then the terrorists would have won, because they are then able to take away all our rights. If that happens, America won’t be the land of the free anymore.
I agree with this statement about our constitutional rights being compromised, because if the government is allowed to hack into an apple device, who’s to say that these hackers that have created viruses on Windows, won’t be able to do the same with Apple products. The fact that hackers can’t breech apple’s security, is the main reason that I like the IPhone over Android in the first place. Furthermore, Google is one of many software companies that support Apple’s decision to fight this battle with the Feds in court. If Apple’s security is compromised, I won’t buy any mor of heir products, because this action that the government demands will make me, along with ten million other customers, not trust Apple any more. I don’t mean to be negative here, but I think Apple should continue to deny the FBI access to this phone, in order to maintain the high level of security that we, their customers, have come to rely on for the past several years.
What do you think, do you think that Apple should breech the security and allow the Feds access to that one iPhone, or do you think that they should fight the federal order in court? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below

4 thoughts on “My take on what the Feds want Apple to do”

  1. apple should not breach security if they compromise security on 1 IPhone or 1 IOS device it’s going to set a precedent where the government is going to hack into anybody’s device at any time people will boycott apple if they were forced to open up the access of the phone of a terrorist noby’s safe anymore

  2. I hope Apple wins this one, we need some things that the government can’t peek into regardless of concerns about what we might not want them to know.


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