This morning, I was reading a book titled, All The Bright Places, when the descriptions brought beautiful images to my mind. I thought about putting these musings in my journal, but they were so peaceful, I thought I would share with all my friends in the blogosphere.
In my mind, I am either sitting in the yard, or walking in the park on a breezy sunny afternoon. The wind is blowing through the trees, as water splashes over the banks of a babbling brook, or a gentle stream. In the distance I hear the music of chimes ringing out, or even the tinkle of music from a piano in a neighbor’s house. The music takes me to a peaceful time and place, where I see images in my mind, that form into the beginnings of a story.
In my mind, I drift back into the dreams of being in a strange hospital, but no one can figure otu what’s wrong with me. This was the idea for my story entitled A Gentle Whirlwind, where a blind teenageris caught up in a gentle whirlwind, and she awakes in a strange hospital room. The nurse in the recovery room tells her that she’s been in an accident, but when she awakes again, she finds that she is fine, but in her dream, she hears the voice in the whirlwind saying things that don’t make much sense at first.
I know these musings may not make sense, but these jumbled thoughts can lead to inspiring ideas for stories and other types of writing. What inspires you?

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