Accessibility for the whitehouse website is not good for all screenreaders

I was reading Donna W. Hill’s blog called The Heart of Applebutter Hil, and I saw a petition to require all companies to make their websites accessible for people with disabilities. The petition can be found at . Here is my gripe about this site. When I tried to sigh the petition after entering my name and email address and zipcode, nothing happened when I pressed the “Sign now” button, using either my PC with the NVDA screenreader, or VoiceOver on my iPhone. This is why it is so important that all US based companies, or companies with US based offices be required to make their sites accessible for EVERYBODY, not just the SIGHTED visitors. Not only am I posting this link here, but I have also tweetted it, and the blog post will be shared on facebook.

Call to action


To all my sighted and visually impaired followers alike, please sigh the petition at so that those of us who use screen readers can have the same access to social media sites, online work at home websites, such as freelance writing platforms, virtual job sites etc., and other online platforms, blogs, and other websites, that our sighted peers have access to. If anyone has a problem sighing this petition with a screen reader, please let me know in the comments. Won’t you join me in making the internet a user friendly place for everyone, including people like myself who are visually challenged? Thank you for your support.

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