My Story is writing itself!

Yeah, you read right!
Hey everyone, it’s me again with another NaNoWriMo update. Today is only the fifth of November, and a hot one I might add, but I am proud to share some exciting news with you. I’m already up to 13783 words, and I have already written the ending to my novel.
The reason I say that this story is practically writing itself, is because when I get an inspiration, it is not forced and I can’t seem to get the words on the computer or my phone fast enough. Night before last I had a strange dream but the only thing I remember is a voice in my head saying “Follow my lead.’ I don’t know if that was the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, or one of my characters talking to me, but all of a sudden I had written one entire chapter and most of another one. Before I knew it, it was after three o’clock before I went back to sleep.
I will admit that yesterday I was a bit tired, but it was well worth it to write with the muse as it fed me the words to my story. I had another inspirational writing session before I even ate breakfast this morning. and just before lunch. Will that happen again, I’m not sure, but if it does, I won’t take it for granted.

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