Listen to the Road

Have you ever taken a bus trip, or a long road trip with nothing but the sound of your vehicle rumbling down the road? Well, when I went on vacation during the previous week or so, there were times that I chose to talk to my seat mate, or listen to the road traffic as I rode on the longest leg of my journey.
While riding on the buss, I discovered that the sounds on the road can be another form of environmental music. From the different pitches of the whining engines, to the deep roar of tires as large trucks roll down the highway, these sounds send out a different kind of message to me. Sometimes I wonder on what journey these vehicles are headed, and what kind of stories the drivers and passengers have to tell
The familiar sounds I hear as I travel with my folks, or on a buss trip, bring to mind a writing prompt I read in the September issue of The Writer Magazine. The author of this prompt suggested that readers write a story about a journey that a character dreads to take. Does the journey get better? Fill in the details of the back story and the trip itself. I personally haven’t come up with a story like that, but I’m kicking around some ideas in my head.

Call To Action

Even though I paraphrased the prompt, see what you can come up with when you read the prompt I added to this post. What kind of journey must your protagonist take? Is this journey absolutely necessary? Are there any positive discoveries your protagonist makes during his or her trip? Does this journey bring about a life altering change for your character? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below, or you can post ideas on twitter using the hash tag #writingJourney.
Happy writing, and God bless.

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