A bit of news, and a question for you all

If you all remember the post I published last week about iwriter.com being inaccessible for the blind, this fact still holds true, no matter how many times I visit the site. However, that particular post sparked an interesting freelance job that I truly enjoyed.
Dan Antion, owner of the wordpress blog titled No Facilities, hired me to write an accessibility review for his company’s website. I am here offering the same service to anyone on this blog who has a site they would like me to check out for them. If anyone is interested in hiring me to render this service for your site, please let it be known in the comments below, and I will give you my email address so we can discuss the price you are willing to pay for this service.
Please note, I am not a web designer, therefore I cannot give you suggestions as to how any changes should be made, but I can let you know what works and what doesn’t in order to make your website accessible for the visually impaired. Many people are unaware that these changes are needed to make their sites user friendly for everyone, so I would like to help companies and individuals strive to make their sites accessible for all users.

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