Feelings of Winter in mid August

It’s the middle of August, and very hot outside. Even though the AC Is running, I have this laid back feeling that started last evening. I picture myself seated in my chair, with the wood heater going, and the fans pulling the heat back to every bedroom in the house. I am wrapped in my robe and nightgown or a pair of sweats and sitting wrapped up in my snuggie. In my mind, I am wearing a pair of warm slipper socks, with my feet warming and being massaged in my foot massager, with a good book in my lap and a steaming cup of coco or coffee beside me.
I often see myself seated by a roaring fire reading a Braille book or listening to an audio book with headphones, while everyone is watching television. I don’t know if there’s a story in these wintery images, but they are relaxing and make me feel very comfortable to say the least. I have seen such images at the beginning of the spring season, as well. I don’t think I could survive in a snowy climate, because I get cold so easily, but I would love to bundle up with a good book on such a day.
Have you ever felt this way? If so what stories do these images and memories from your childhood?
Here’s a writing challenge for you. write a story centered around the mental pictures I’ve shared, or write a story from your own winter memories. Please share your stories here, as I would love to read what you come up with.

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