The Lone Warrior: Once Upon A Time in the West, a book review

Lori Austin has written a compelling post civil War Western romance, about a farmer’s wife in search of her daughter who was stolen by dog soldiers and taken to a Shianne camp to live. Along the way she meets a former soldier who is known as the “white ghost”, wanted in both Colorado and Kansas … Read more

A bit of news, and a question for you all

If you all remember the post I published last week about being inaccessible for the blind, this fact still holds true, no matter how many times I visit the site. However, that particular post sparked an interesting freelance job that I truly enjoyed. Dan Antion, owner of the wordpress blog titled No Facilities, hired … Read more

The lack of accessibility for the blind where freelance writing sites are concerned

Have you ever seen these freelance writing sites that pay people to write web content, articles and blogs? Well, I have discovered one site in particular that pays writers to write blogposts, ebooks, and articles, including rewriting, articles. However, when I try to submit an article to be approved by the requester, there is no … Read more

Feelings of Winter in mid August

It’s the middle of August, and very hot outside. Even though the AC Is running, I have this laid back feeling that started last evening. I picture myself seated in my chair, with the wood heater going, and the fans pulling the heat back to every bedroom in the house. I am wrapped in my … Read more

Man In Search of Meaning, book review

I just read a book called Man in Search of meaning, by a psychologist with the last name of Frankl. In Frankl’s book, he recounts his story of bserving time in a German prison camp during WWII throughout the first part of his narrative account. In this account, the author describes the psychological state of … Read more