Character interview with Mary, from my Chosen Path series

Hello everyone, Ann Here. I am chatting with my character named Mary, who pops in and out of A Journey of Faith. We first see her in Chapter four, then in Chapter 5. You never know when she’ll pop up to help someone throughout this series. She doesn’t have a last name yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know her. So without further ado, let’s give a warm welcome to Mary.

Ann: Well hello there Mary, are you popping in here for a short visit, or will you hang out with us a while?
Mary: Well, I can’t stay long, because I’m supposed to help thos in need from Little Creek, to Tensiltown and beyond.
Ann: ah, I see. So tell me a little about yourself. You came into the book during the editing process. Is there a reason why I didn’t meet you before now?
Mary: In the process of developing your story, you had to find a way to fit me in, and I didn’t want to jump in too early, and besides, I don’t mind being a little mouse in the corner, so to speak. I’m just here when there is someone needing help. I live with my parents in tensiltown, and the boy who claimed to know me is my older brother.
Ann: That brings me to another question, Why didn’t he want to tell Becca about you?
Mary: I don’t know, I guess he thought he’d get in trouble for telling other people about me, that is those people who haven’t seen me yet.
Ann: hmm, okay. So would you say that you’re one of God’s little angels here on earth? I mean, I don’t want to put you in the limelight, but something is definitely out of the ordinary, wouldn’t you say?
Mary: If you want to call me an earthly angel, well, that’s up to you, but I’m just one of God’s children who loves to help those in need. Listen, I know you’d love to sit and chat with me a little while longer, but I need to go and help another person crying out in the night. I’ll see you somewhere in the pages of your books. (Mary runs from the room).

You know, since I’ve been chatting with Mary, I have another idea for A Journey of faith, but I can’t say what it is right now, because I would spoil the novel for you. Anyway, If you’re interested in my book, and you haven’t already done so, I’d appreciate it very much if you’d cast your vote at

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