Reports of a Shrinking US eBook Market Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

This is an article from one of the many blogs I follow. I am posting this on my blog today, because I feel that authors who are published, or are planning to publish in the near future, need to know that if they plan to publish in ebook formats,there is still a market for this … Read more

Character interview with Mary, from my Chosen Path series

Hello everyone, Ann Here. I am chatting with my character named Mary, who pops in and out of A Journey of Faith. We first see her in Chapter four, then in Chapter 5. You never know when she’ll pop up to help someone throughout this series. She doesn’t have a last name yet, but that … Read more

A Writing Challenge

The reason behind the challenge Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and readers, I want to do something out of the ordinary. I found this writing prompt when I was looking for inspiration for a short story several years ago. I don’t remember the website, but for this challenge, I’m going to get a little creative, so … Read more