Emotional Abuse is equally damaging

I had to leave my ex-husband and his family because of the emotional abuse they heaped on me. I just pray that my daughter isn’t suffering the same abuse I did. Thanks for Sharing. To answer the question that was asked in this post, it is because there are no physical scars or evidence to prove that a person has been emotionally abused.

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  1. I read this post or I read the original post so as to make a comment on this and the abuse I suffered in my first 3 years of secondary school I wish I’d never dealt with. It was mostly school yard taunts but also being branded a liar and a trouble maker if ever I tried to report it. I was also segregated from my peers during class times so as to try and not retaliate if I was being bullied but when I did try to retaliate my support teacher grabbed me under my chin with both hands as if to say “shut up and do your work”. I kept this secret for 3 years and never told a soul. the only people who believed me were my parents, my grandparents and a councillor I was seeing. I never told the school I was seeing a councillor outside school as there was a school shrink. y auntie was the principle’s secretary at this time and she would tell my grandparents I was a liar when in fact I was telling the truth the whole time. I try not to associate with this aunt very often but I have to learn not to mention her in front of my mother because my mother still holds a grudge towards her. during one argument between my parents my mother said she wished she could learn to use a gun so she could take it to my old school and use it because of how I was treated. I couldn’t even tell my old school where I was going and I was going to my new school for apointments with the principle. two particular school suspentions I remember and stand out as if they were yesterday. one was when I was going to wait for the bus and I preferred to stand at the fence where there was a house behind which had a picket fence. one of the boys was telling me insirt expletive here. “fuck off” so what do I do? I grab my cane and instead of hitting him I hit his girlfriend didn’t I. I got halled to the deputy’s office and I was told to do yard duty but that I had a right to stand where I wished to wait for the bus. another suspention I remember and I get very inwardly angry about it too I was pushed up the stairs by a year 7 boy who pushed me into a girl sitting at her locar and later the deputy collects me from class and has a word to me and suspends me for 2 more days. I tried arguing my case that it was said boy who pushed me into the girl as she had aledged I had groped her and touched her breast. there was a meeting scheduled for the following Monday where I was almost expelled from the school and I was told that legally because of my constant bad behaviour no other school was abblinged to take me. after this meeting however this unnamed year7 boy went to the deputy principle and changed his story. so I was vindicated but every morning I would ask my mother was I a liar and the answer was always no Inwardly I am still very angry but I have to try and control my inner thoughts and most of the time I succeed

    • This is one reason why I turned to God’s gift of music as a source of comfort. I didn’t tell my family everything my ex-husband and his family did to me, because I felt like they didn’t understand. I found healing through music, and the spiritual blessings God has bestowed upon me. I am writing a book called Embracing the Healing Power of music, wich explaines how others can tap into this divine source of healing, through my personal experiences, and extensive research.

    • Je ne cherche pas à vous dire de mauvaise foi. Mais vous devez aussi admettre que des propos écrits peuvent donner lieu à diverses interprétations. En l’occurrence, le fait que le labrador « figure en bonne poonaisi &rtquo; dans ces études peut tout à fait, il me semble, laisser penser qu’il est spécialement concerné.


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