Fly free from emotional abuse

I understand that pain all too well, I was not only emotionally abused by my ex-husband, but I was emotionally abused by his family too. After I came back home to live with my parents, I found comfort and healing in music. Now I am writing a book called Embracing the Healing Power of Music: Seven Steps for Finding Your Way Out of the Darkness and Into the Light with God’s Gift of Song. In this book, I share my story, and I share some information about music and it’s healing power. I pray that I can publish it and touch the heart of someone who is suffering at the hands of abusers like I did. Love and prayers to you and anyone else who has dealt with the pain of emotional abuse.

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  1. I read the original post attached and it’s a very powerful post if I may say so. abusive relationships are often difficult for a person to extricate oneself from. Often even if you extricate yourself from an abusive relationship it’s not uncommon for that person to be killed and sometimes along with their children then the partner/husband/ex would kill themselves too so murder suicides are not uncommon. the statistics these days as far as domestic violence is concerned are staggering. here in Australia it’s alarming what the statistics are for domestic violence and often women are the ones who are killed by somebody they are in a relationship with or were previously in a relationship with but here carrying guns is not a right of passage like it is in the US and often I don’t think you’re allowed to be equipped with a taser or mace as it is known in the US but some people are often left with a lasting legacy from any abuse whether emotional physical sexual and in the case of the lator people often never talk about it. they quell their pain with drugs and alcohol and often this could end in a premature death often from an overdose or a suicide. I’m sorry this is as powerful as it is but I listen to news stories and read the newspapers and you often don’t know what to think.


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