The music of rain revisited

I know I wrote about this subject a while back, but I wanted to revisit this topic, because we had a very rainy day yesterday. My windows were opened, and I could hear the rain pelting outside on the grass. Well, I closed my eyes and listened for a moment, and I discovered what the recording artist meant when he sang “Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.” Rain does have a natural rhythm., though we may not recognize it for what it is, because this rhythm is not the musical rhythm that our ears are accustomed too. However, raindropps falling on a tin roof, or on the ground outside my window, or even on the roof of a vehicle has a soothing rhythm that can be relaxing. Butt if you’re like me and you are connected to the world through music,costumed through music, you will recognize the rain’s natural rhythm and let it inspire you or soothe you right on off to sleep, depending on whether it’s raining during the day or at night.
So next time you hear rain pounding out its rhythm on your roof or outside your windows, close your eyes and listen to the message its rhythm has in store for you.

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