Seducing MR. Nightly By Maya Rodale, book review

If you love steamy historical romances with a bit of mystery thrown in, you will love Seducing Mr. Nightly by Maya Rodale. This book will have you laughing one moment, and drive you  absolutely crazy the next.

Shy dear Annabel Swift has been pining for MR. Nightly, the editor of the London Weekly, where she writes an advice column called Dear Annabel.The sad fact is that he hasn’t noticed her for almost four years , that is until she wrote a letter to her readers asking for advice on how to get his attention. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but you won’t be able to put it down.

I love this author’s writing style, and how she pulls you right into the story. You don’t  have to take my word for it, get Seducing MR. Nightly and let Ms. Rodale pull you into the jusy, scandelous, and mystifying story, and you’ll see what I mean. Happy reading, and have a blessed day.

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