Character Interview with Asher Brooks revised

Hello everyone,

Today I’m here with Shelly and Becca’s old Boss from A Journey of Faith, Asher Brooks. As you will discover, Asher is a very mean, verry self-centered, character. If he doesn’t get his way, he wants to get revenge. Now, I’ll let him tell you a little about himself.

Ann. Hello Asher, How are you today?

Asher. I ain’t in the best of moods right now, and this chat is making me angrier by the minute.

Ann. Well, I hear that you are very angry with Becca and Shelly quitting on you. Why is that?

Asher. You should know the answer to that by now.

Ann. What about Diana Peabody, She left the firm, because she was losing her sight. Don’t you care about her health?

Asher. Nobody leaves my department, no matter what the reason. You get hired in my department, you work for me until I say you can quit?

Ann Was Diana’s accident a real accident, or did you have something to do with it?

Asher. I ain’t done nothin’ to harm that girl. All I did was help Ted Morris clean the rocks. How was I to know that she’d want to climb those stepping stones? It like

Ann. Do you believe in God?

Asher. I ain’t got time to talk about anyone’s beliefs in God or anything else, I got to get to work. (Starts to leave then turns around and flops back down into his chair.) Well, okay, I take that back. I am starting to have more faith in God, than I used to, but I’ll let the readers find out more about that.

Ann. Lord help him.

Asher. What did I tell you? I ain’t saying any more about my faith in God. I got to go find out who in tar nation is messing up those rocks. (storms from the room.)

Well, now you see what a cantankerous man Asher can be at times, but as we saw, his mood changed right quick when he thought about what the Lord has done for him.Let’s just pray that the person responsible for the mishaps, is caught before someone gets hurt. 

On another note, 

Becca has finally faced her fears, but I’ll let you read the book to find out how. In order for you to read A Journey of Faith, I need your help to get it published, by voting for it at

This interview has been revised and added to a little booklet of character interviews that I have put together for my interested readers. If you’d like to receive this and my book of essays about music, please let me know.

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