A burst of inspiration went dry

Have you ever had one of those days when you get a birst of inspiration, and you write until the inspiration runs dry and when you come back to your novel, you run out of steam? That’s  happened to me just today. At about a quarter to four this morning, I had a birst of inspiration hit me for A Journey of Faith. I wrote for about 45 minutes, went back to bed, and when I woke up the steam had run out. I know Jason Miller is supposed to see something in a dream that sparks his interest, but I’m not sure what that might be.  I have a question for all you writers out there. What do you do when your burst of inspiration runs out of steam?  If anyone has been following my character interviews and the posts about A Journey of faith, you’ll remember that Becca sees a terrible accident when she was twelve. Although she doesn’t understand what she saw back then, the memories of that hoorible day are slowly making their way to the surface. She tells Jason, and her aunt and uncle about that day while eating dinner at Jo’s Diner. So, if anyone has any suggestions they’d like to run by me, I’ll take them into considderation. Yes, I’m aware that this is my story, but I love to see what readers think.

One last point I want to make before I go, Please take a moment to vote for A Journey of Faith so I can get it published, and all you lovely readers can read the final result of my musings for yourselves. To vote for my book, please go to soopllc.com/blog/book-ideas/journey-faith-ann-harrison and cast your vote. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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