Chances Are By Robin Lee Hatcher, a review

Hey ladies and gentlemen,
I just read a fabulous book by Robin Lee Hatcher, entitled Chances are, about an actress who had to live in a small town in Wyoming called Dead Horse, because her daughter became sick while she was performing onstage.
Faith Butler finds work as a housekeeper at the Jagged R ranch, owned by Drake Rutledge, who is very bitter because his wife left him after a horrible buggy accident that killed his mother. Faith and her children teach Drake how to live again Faith and Drake fall in love and Drake plans to help her divorce her estranged husband, when he is supposedly killed. However, On Faith and Drake’s wedding day, George shows up out of the blue and stopps the first wedding attempt, and things become very shady concerning Faith and her two children.
Although this book was written more than ten years ago, I still love Ms. Hatcher’s writing, because she writes her story and her characters beautifully. I have learned a lot from reading her work, including her Christian fiction. I would strongly recommend that you read Hatcher’s work, because you won’t be able to put her books down.

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