Book review, Before The Larkspur Blooms By Caroline Fyffe

If you read Where the Wind Blows, and couldn’t get enough of Chase and Jessie Logan, Gabe Garrison, Jake, and Little Sarah, have no fear, their story continues in this heart warming, spine tinngling western, which I have dubbed an unofficial sequel to Where the Wind Blows.
In Before The Larkspur Blooms, Ms. Fyffe introduces a new character named Tom Donavan, who grew up in Logan Meadows, which starts as a small town. However, with the railroad slated to have a stop in Logan Meadows, people start trickling into town, and settling in among the natives, including a hotshot rustler by the name of Rome Littleton, who made Tom take the wrap when he got shot in the head eight years ago.
In one way this book reminds me of the movie Eldorado, where John Wayne’s character has a bullet lodged in his back, accept Tom’s bullet is lodged at the base of his skull. Well, I don’t want to spoil this one for you, so I’ll say that things get pretty shady, and the characters will drive you crazy in this one too, but let me warn you, Before The Larkspur Blooms will bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye, and it will melt your heart. However, If you haven’t read Where the Wind blows as of yet, I suggest you read that one first,because if you don’t you might get a little confused by some of the goings on in Before The Larkspur Blooms. This is why I think Caroline Fyffe wrote them as a mini series, because you can’t read one without reading the other.
Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy both of these incredible stories.

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