It’s a beautiful day!

It’s the middle of January, and we’re in the midst of winter. However, the day is warm, and the sun is shining. As I step outside on my front porch, I feel an unseasonably warm breeze, and the wind chimes are ringing out their beautiful melodies in the breeze. What a day the Lord has made, and put a song of praise in my heart.
If you too are experiencing such a beautiful day, don’t take it for granted. Get out and enjoy the sunshine with your children, or just simply take a walk out in the sun to draw closer to God. How do you draw close to the Lord on such a beautiful day? Do you simply open the windows and let the sunshine pour down on you from heaven, or do you step out into the day that the Lord has made, and bask in the sunshine? Whatever you do to enjoy the day, I pray that you are richly blessed.
Love and prayers,

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    How do I draw God closer to me on a beautiful day? I’m a runner and getting outside no matter what the weather is my personal time with God. I see beautiful beyond the clouds, the rain and even in the mist of the storm. Simply being outside I feel his presence. What a beautiful way to start or end your day, being outside and running with God.

  2. As you know ann not being religious, I just step outside on beautiful days although at the moment here it’s sometimes been too hot to step outside or open the doors and windows. I take the opportunity to go bike riding on beautiful days sometimes riding between 25 and 30km each time but sometimes I just stand out in my backyard or because I’m in my local lions club I’m volunteering my time at events and am enjoying some fellowship in the process.


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