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I have a question for my followers, especially those of you who are writers. Have you ever had a recurring dream that’s so compelling it inspires you to do something, or even use the dream for inspiration for a new book? Well that’s happened to me quite a number of times. After I have been through a very trying time in my life, I have had dreams on several occasions of climbing. In these dreams I was either climbing on something as simple as a high piano stool to try to play a piece, although I was interupted by music on the overhead speaker system in this dream. Some of my dreams involved climbing ladders or treturous steps to get from point A to point B. The funny thing about these dreams is that I could never turn and climb back down, I always had to work my way up to the top of the ladder or stairs, and find another way back around to my destination, unless I woke up before I reached my destination.
These dreams were the inspiration for A Journey of Faith, although at the time I had these dreams, I didn’t know that this was the case, and I didn’t write my dreams down until recently. In A Journey of Faith, Becca Martin finds herself climbing up treturous mountain trails and ladders to reach certain points of her journey where she will meet some interesting characters who will help her along her way, and others whom she must help along their way to find and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Although she finds her family, there are some very big problems she must deal with during her journey, and if she turns back, and doesn’t follow her chosen path to its end, she will ultimately fail in the mission that God has chosen for her. If you are compelled to read more and follow Becca Martin as she walks down her Chosen path, please take a brief moment to visit Http://soopllc.com/blog/book-ideas/journey-faith-ann-harrison and vote for this book to be published, for I believe with all my heart that you too will make some surprising discoveries about your own faith in God.
The second reason I wanted to post today is because there is another recurring dream that I’ve had, which has inspired me to start a book entitled A Ray of Hope, which is the second book in my Chosen Path series. In these dreams, I am in the hospital, sometimes for obvious reasons, and sometimes for reasons that aren’t so obvious. In one such dream, someone brought me a stack of books. Before I awoke, the dreame changed and I was reading from the Psalms. Later on Sunday Afternoon after Church, I got this powerful urge to start writing. The reason A Ray of Hope has been added to my Chosen Path series, is because Hellen Walker must take a journey back into her past, to find her connection with the Martin Family and some unknown secret about her future and her faith in God. If you can help me get A Journey of Faith published while I’m working on this one, then you two can help me solve this compelling mystery. For those of you who are writers, my advice to you is to write down the dreams you have, especially those that stick out in your mind, and those that recur in some form or other, because you never know what creative spark you will get from your dreams.
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