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Dear readers,
This is Ann Harrison once again. I am writing to tell you about a new Christion novel that I have written entitled A Journey of Faith. In this heart-felt story, Becca martin has been led by the Holy spirit to leave her home and her high end job, in order to embark upon a life changing journey. During her travels, she learns how to draw closer to Jesus. Becca also wins others to Christ in her own special way, not least of which is a small town deputy sheriff, with whom she has strong feelings for. What other surprises will Becca find along her journey of faith?
I pray that this story of faith, love, and forgiveness will touch your heart as it has blessed mine to write it for you. I have pasted an excerpt from the novel, to give you a taste of what’s to come as the story unfolds. If you want to read more, please vote for my book to be published at
Thank you, and may God richly bless you.

Charles Martin had no idea that the trip he planned with his son would be a life-changing experience for the entire family. The smell of coffee brewing and bacon sizzling in the cast iron skillet, wafted up the stairs to greet him. As he always knew she would, Martha had breakfast on the table, before he’d stumbled down the stairs to get the day off to a good start. He and his Son Thomas planned to take a mountain biking trip with a few friends from church that day, and the weather looked to be perfect for the outing. Neither Charles, Thomas, nor any of the guys from their church owned mountain bikes, but Charles knew the owner of the park up in the Smokey Mountain range who allowed patrons to rent them for a reasonable fee.
Charles stumbled into the kitchen where Thomas waited for him, with his backpack propped up against his chair. “You ready for a fun ride up the Big Smokey mountain today daddy?” Thomas thumped his father affectionately on the back.
“Yep, we just need to meet the guys at the church, then we’ll be on our way.” Charles took a long slow sip of his coffee .
“You two just be careful up those mountain paths, cause they can be a bit slick this time of year. I want to see both of you’ns back in one piece this evening. Ya hear?” When Charles and Thomas went out with either the youth group or a few of the men from church, Martha always sent up a prayer for their safety, and tried her best to put the lives of her husband and her children in God’s hands. This morning however, she had an uneasy feeling about this trip .
“We’ll be careful Mama, I did my research before we even planned this trip, and the mountain road looked safe enough when I viewed the pictures that Ted sent me a few weeks ago.” Thomas finished the last of his pancakes and put his dishes in the sink.
“I know, but we’ve had a lot of rain these past couple of months, and you never know what kind of condition those mountain roads are in. You be careful out there.” Martha wrapped her only son in a brief warm hug before he stepped out onto the porch.
“We’ll be fine martha, don’t you worry your pretty little head about a thing.” Charles gave Martha a long kiss, before following Thomas out to the truck. “Son, I think your maw worries too much for her own good. She knows the Lords got everything under control, and we’ll be fine.”
“I wouldn’t take you anywhere I didn’t feel safe going by myself first daddy, You know that as well as I do.” Thomas sighed as he clambered up into the family pickup truck with his father, and drove away from the house.
When the Martins arrived at the church, Donald and George Witherspoon, a couple of Thomas’s friends from school hopped into the back of Charles’s truck along with church deacon, Michael Thompson. “Paster Tod couldn’t come with us today, he got called away on church business.” Michael announced.
“Well, we’ll keep him in our prayers,” Charles replied as Thomas turned onto the highway for the long two hour drive to their destination. By the time they arrived , several mountain bikers had already started the long treck up the various bike paths. As they made their way through the parting lot and into the park itself, Charles spotted his friend Ted Morris and waved him over. “Hey man? What’s goin’ on?”
” Hey Charlie! yall come to do a little riding today?”
“We sure did!”
“Well now, you fellers come with me, and I’ll show you just what I got.”
They all followed Ted to a small lot where he kept the mountain bikes parked and in working order. “Wow! These bikes look mighty nice Ted, Thanks for savin’ these spiffy little get-ups just for us.” Charles clapped his long-time friend on the shoulder.
“Ah, don’t mention it. This is what I do for a lifin’. Now yall be careful, cause some folks have been complainin’ that they found some slick spots in the paths, due to all that rain we had these past couple of months. Good luck and may God bless you.” They all waved, before wheeling their bikes to the foot of the mountain.

Charles pedaled up the winding pathway at a moderate pase, marveling at the amazing scenary around him. The birds singing in the trees reminded him that this beautiful place, where people came to spend a relaxing day with friends and family, was a special blessing from the heavenly Father.. Charles turned and headed further up the mountain path, and praised the Lord for the glorious view from the hight of the pathway as he looked back down at the ground below. He spotted his son Thomas riding ahead , to make sure the path was as safe as it’d looked from the digital images on the computer at home. Thomas began to swerve off to his left and curve back around to the right. What in the world are you doing Thomas?
“Daddy, look out!” Thomas yelled as Charles’s bike skidded over the edge of the cliff! All of a sudden, Charles began falling through the air. Oh Lord, what’s happening to me? Down, down, down he fell, until the ground jumped up to meet him head on at breakneck speed. When he landed, a heavy weight crashed down on top of him before the world went black.

Thomas spotted a figure lying on the grass below the mountain path where he road. “Daddy, Daddy are you all right?” Thomas’s stomach lurched , as fear and dread washed over him. He tried to swallow, but the fear he felt in the pit of his stomach gripped his heart like a vice. “Oh Lord, let him be alive, don’t let Daddy die! I can’d bare to lose him like I lost my sister,” he prayed as he raced up one side of the path and back down the other. When he found his father sprawled out on the ground along side the bike path,, Thomas discovered the bike lying in a twisted heap on top of him.
He ran to the park building where Ted sat at his desk putting some figures into his computer. “Ted, Call an ambulance, Daddy’s been hurt!” Tears filled the boy’s eyes as a shiver of fear crept up his spine.
“I saw the accident, and the ambulance is on its way. Calm down son, All you can do is pray at this point, God’s got everything under control.” Ted placed a comforting arm around Thomas as he trembeled uncontrolably.
Michael and the Witherspoon boys rushed into the office to find Thomas huddled in a corner, blinking back tears . Oh God, please save my daddy. I beg you!
“The ambulance is here, and they’re going to air lift your dad to Little Creek General hospital. I’m going to drive us back into town, and I’ll let your mama know what happened so she can meet us there.” Michael folded Thomas in a fatherly embrace, and gently led him out to his father’s truck for the long drive to Little Creek. “Don’t blame yourself son, it could have happened to anyone riding these paths. You never know what can happen from one day to the next.”
“I checked the roads weeks before we left, and everything looked fine.” Thomas wiped his eyes and blew his nose on a tissue that he found in the glove compartment of his father’s truck.
“I’m sure you did son, , but images on a computer screen can’t tell you what will happen from one day to the next. Weather conditions and a number of things have a large part to play in the condition of the roads. Don’t blame yourself, just pray and ask God to heal your dad if it be His will. Remeber son, none of this is your fault.” Mical placed a comforting hand on Thomas’s arm as he dried his tears on yet another tissue.

After getting a phone call from one of the deacons of Little Creek community Church, with the news of her husband’s biking accident, Martha Rushed down to the hospital, to find Thomas huddled in a corner of the waiting room, with Pastor Tod kneeling before him in prayer. “How is your father, son?” Martha sat beside her youngest son on the small sofa.
“We don’t know very much, all the doctors and nurses would tell us is that he’s still in surgery. Mama, I should hav warned daddy about the soft spot in the road before it was too late. Why did I keep my big mouth shut, instead of telling him that he needed to turn away from the bad spot in the road? I was riding ahead of daddy, and I could have sworn that he saw me curve around it before he slipped into it and off the side of the road.”
“Hush my child! Your father could have gotten his wheels caught in the mud and lost control of the Bike before he had a chance to avoid it. The accident wasn’t your falt, it could have happened to anybody. There there, now, dry your eyes, and go home so you can rest. Amanda will be there when you get there. I’ll stay with your father. Don’t you worry, everything will be all right.” Martha spoke to Thomas with more confidence than she actually felt. She sorely wished she could believe the words of assurance she’d just passed on to her only son. How could she tell her precious son that the doctors couldn’t guarantee that his father would survive this accident and that she blamed herself for not insisting that they wait until later on during the summer to take this trip, “Oh Lord, I come to you in the Name of Jesus, praising you for saving my husband’s life. I ask that you heal him of any injuries, if it be thy will and keep him safe throughout the long surgery that is needed to heal his body. Guide the doctors’ hands so that they may make him well, and not harm him. And one more thing Lord, Keep my Daughter safe, while drawing her closer to you. And Father God, please bring her back to her family, in Jesus name I ask, Amen.

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