When it snows, the cold North wind blows, in some cases the wind blows the snow everywhere; however, in other cases, the snow gets packed in deep drifts. I for one have never seen snow drifts that are at least a foot deep or deeper, though I have seen several winters in my lifetime, with anywhere from a light dusting of snow, to at least a half inch or more, depending on where the storm was located at the time.
Although snow falls silently, the wind howls it’s mournful cry, which can make a body feel the chill of winter,even if you are snuggled indoors beside a warm fireplace, wood heater (in my case), or in your home with central heating. I have read many books where winter snows and blizzard winds can cause a person to get lost, because the snow is actually blinding. I am reading such a book. The book is set in Canada in the 1940s during late autumn/early winter. The way the writer tells the story, I can see the family sitting in the kitchen by a warm stove with hot breakfast, and warm cups of coffee in front of them. The book is titled When Tomorrow Comes, and it is written by Janette Oke, and this is one of the many scenes in chapter one.
On the other hand, if you are familiar with the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, you will read a lot about snow out on the prairies. The descriptions of the below zero temperatures, and having to wrap up in robes while riding the slay, can literally chill a body to the bone.
Although it isn’t snowing outside my bedroom window now, the air is a bit cooler than usual. Spring has sprung, but Old Man Winter still wants to hang on for a few days, and today just happens to be one of those blustery cold days. In my musings and even in the book that I am writing, I picture two people walking out in the cold bitter wind. If you’ve ever had one of those days, then you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Today is a day that makes you think of snow, but why I am thinking about snow, I have no idea, though, there’s no reason to complain about snow, because it puts nitrogen back into the ground, and although it takes more snow to get at least an inch of rain, it puts moisture in the air. So instead of complaining about the snow in your area, thank God that he has provided the beautiful white stuff to clean the air, and make the ground more fertile for planting the foods we need to nourish our bodies.

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