The Music of Writing

Hello dear readers,

Have you ever read a book that just pulls you in from the start, and takes you with it all the way to the end, and it is still in your head long after the last page is turned? Music can do that to a person as well. In my experience, certain songs, classical works, or even new age pieces have taken me by the lapels, (so to speak), and pulled me in it and I was still going when the music stopped.

As a writer, I find that this experience is very possible too. What I mean is that I am now working on a novel where the main characters of the story are taking me on a journey. All I can do is follow them and listen to the music of my writing. God has a purpose in my writing, and the theme song that plays in my heart when I write is one that fills my heart with gladness, peace, and in some cases sadness, but still I keep going, because I know the ending will be such a blessing to me that is better than I can ever imagine.

Happy writing and reading, and I hope and pray this posting finds you all well.

Love and prayers,


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