What is Love Sent from God?

The love that is sent down from the Lord above is:

A feeling that warms your heart when loved ones are near

A joy you feel when you are in the company of that special someone in your life.

The joy a mother feels when she sees the smile on the face of her precious child, or feels the child’s arms around her.

The feel of Jesus smiling down on you, and the Holy spirit filling your heart.

A feeling that cannot be described in words alone.

These are just a few of the components that make up the love of Christ, and the love He puts in your heart for the special people He has placed in your life.  Do you have this special love I am talking about? if not, Ask Jesus into your heart, and he will give you the love you have always been searching for.  This kind of love doesn’t come from the heart of a human being except by God’s  amazing Grace to make you a shining light for Him so that the world may see His love shining through you.  Ask yourselves this question my dear readers, Do you have the love of Jesus in your heart?  If not, I pray that you find that precious love before it is eternally too late.

Love and prayers,


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