the music of rain

On this beautiful, rainy, and blessed Friday Morning, I am thinking of God’s gift of rain.  I am not seeing it as a disappointment, because the weather is so gloomy, and the roads are muddy, if you live on a dirt road, and all that negative jazz about rain. No, I’m thinking about rain as God’s natural music.  As we all know, rain makes the flowers grow, gives the thirsty ground something to drink, and replennishes our water supply.  But did you know that rain can also be considered nature’s music?

Here’s a way to find the music that is hidden deep within the depths of the rain. Close your eyes, and listen to the showers of blessing falling either outside your window, on the roof of your car, (don’t close your eyes if you are driving), or all around you as you step outside on a rainy day, and feel God’s love wash over you.  This is how God turns a simple drop of rain into a shower of blessing.

The next time it rains, instead of complaining about the weather, take the time to hear God’s natural music, and thank Him for the Showers of blessing he is raining upon you, in the Blessed, Sweet, and Holy name of Jesus.

Love and prayers to you all, and I hope ant pray that you have a Blessed day in the Name of the Lord.

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