A blessed and typical Monday morning

Hello everyone,

Although it is Monday, and yes I do know that some people dread this particular day, I do not.  I Thank God that he has given me another day to live and to praise him.  I am thankful that he made the sun to shine and the birds to sing.  I am thankful that He saved my soul, and for the wonderful people he has brought into my life.

Remember how I talked about music as a source of healing, and the music of wind chimes in my previous posts? Well There is another type of God given music I want to tell you about today.  This music is called the music of nature.  By this I simply mean the music of the birds singing on a spring morning.  This also refers to the pattering of rain on our windows, or on the roof, if you are fortunate enough to still have a tin roof on your house.  These simple sounds, that we often times take for granted, are music to God’s ears, and music to My ears as well.  You can learn a lot just by closing your eyes and listening to the sounds around you when you step outside on your front porch early in the morning, or by listening to the sounds that come through your open window as you greet each new day. The natural music that is all around you, is one of God’s simple gifts for His children to enjoy.

I pray for each and all of my readers, and I pray that each and every one of you will be richly blessed each and every day of your lives here on this earth.I strongly suggest that you take the time to enjoy the Simple gifts that God has created, and not take them for granted, as we often do.  Take some time out of your busy lives to connect with God in your own special way. Go with God, and God will certainly go with you.

Love and prayers to all my readers,


3 thoughts on “A blessed and typical Monday morning”

  1. The sounds of the world have a way of climbing inside your soul and opening your eyes.

    Great post. Listen to the sounds, and you too shall learn.


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  2. i love reading these and get a lot out of them on our group that we are in togetther
    can you tell mee when your birthday is ? and what is your daughterrs name as hers is coming up


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