A blessed Saturday Afternoon

Hello everyone,

I am happy to post again on this beautiful and blessed Saturday afternoon.  I love God our Father, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my family, especially my daughter Sharen, a very special person who shall remain nameless, and the things I enjoy most are spending time with my loved ones, writing, and music.  From time to time I will post my thoughts about music, and if anyone wants to leave me comments about my posts feel free to do so.  That’s all for today, although I am still learning about wordpress, so I’ll post more in due time.

I want to say to each of you, Have a blessed day in the name of the Lord! Until next time, love and prayers,


8 thoughts on “A blessed Saturday Afternoon”

  1. Music has a way of finding its way into my soul and stirring my emotions throughout the day. I have a song playing in my head 24/7 and you can usually find my feet tapping, or my fingers clicking through the scales of my imagination. God bless you kiddo and keep ’em coming. dp


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